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Hello Jose,

Welcome to the site!

I hung out on that corner 30 years ago!By the way, you remind me of a friend named Joey who everyone use to call "SuperStar" Could that be you?

If so, I'm the guy who escorted Rachel Welch & Susan Lucci into your limo at Radio City Music Hall 20 years ago :) 

since 2006 ,I have been asking the city of Auburn to certify all taxi drivers ,In april 2007 I attended a city council meeting to express my concern in the matter ,by feb 15   2010 every driver is suppose to have been certified. If your taxi driver does not display this certificate in plain sight chances are he or she has not passed the background check  by the ABI and should not be driving a taxi in the city of Auburn.Also the city of auburn needs to regulate the number of passengers per trip due to insurance regulations and APSC  rules  clearly state 4 passengers plus driver,the 5th  passenger or more voids the insurance policy, this is a nation wide taxi industry  policy .Taxi industry is 7 years  old , prior to2003 taxi companies did not exist in Auburn. I had to call a cab in  those days and you were charged extra for them to come to Auburn.